I use the metric system

I grew up in the US. The US has not yet standardized on the Metric, or SI, system. However, science, medicine, and most of the world has. As this blog is focused on science and medicine, you’ll find things in metric on the site. Also, many science classes in the US wind up having to teach metric conversion so that students can be more comfortable working in it because that’s what science uses. As a result, there will be metric conversion reviews available as well.

Also, as a displaced short yankee, I’d like to point out that use of the metric system means that: My mass is 2 digits (not 3!), my height is 3 digits (not 2!) and the temperature outside is NEVER 3 digits! In other words, by using kilograms, centimeters, and Celsius, all those units that we, as Americans, have an intuitive feel are large, feel smaller to me. 😛

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