By our powers combined…

OK, no, this isn’t really a Captain Planet themed post, sorry. It is brought to you by LinkedIn. No, they don’t sponsor me (but that would be nice!)

In reality, it’s about combining the study of immunology and genetics. is home of the Immunological Genome Project. The goal is to map the entire immunological genome of the mouse, a common research model for preliminary studies. Before diseases and drugs can be studied in human models, they are studied in mouse or rat models. By mapping the genetic data of the immune system and immune responses of these animals, it may be possible to reduce future animal testing and increase the use of computer modeling instead. It may also increase the understanding of human or animal disease processes, leading to treatments or cures for disorders.

So if you’re thinking of future careers, immunology or genetics can combine and lead down similar paths. And if you’re opposed to animal research, work like this may someday help eliminate some of the need.

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